Behaviour Interactive was approached by Microsoft Games/343i to co-design and develop the new Halo Waypoint applications for Xbox 360. 
I was assigned to this project as UI Art Director and only visual designer. My role was not only to set the aesthetic direction, but also provide the assets for integration and when necessary direct team of developers throughout the development. Parts of the UI were created via 3D visual effects by team members I directed.​​​​​​​
The image on the left (below) is an early concept provided to me by Microsoft & 343i. The image on the right was my proposed visual benchmark which was approved by Microsoft and 343i. 
I drove the development and design of the whole Halo Waypoint application to follow this visual art direction. ​​​​​​​

Visual treatment of div. panel selection frames

UI Animatic Concepts
Card overlay prototype animatics made in Adobe After Effects.

Navigation prototype animatic I have made in After Effects.


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