JDA (now rebranded to Blue Yonder) is an American software and consultancy company providing supply chain management, manufacturing planning, retail planning, store operations and category management offerings. Companies acquired over time include Yantriks, Blue Yonder, RedPrairie, i2 Technologies, Manugistics, E3, Intactix, and Arthur.
I have joined JDA during a big transition period as a sole Visual Design Practice Lead. After multiple acquisitions the company portfolio consisted of over 100 applications with more than 3,000 corporate customers. This has created a big challenge for JDA and the UX team, with many usability, brand and visual inconsistencies between all applications.
My key role was infuse the importance of visual consistency across JDA's full portfolio. I was tasked to create new visual style and design system for the Next-Generation SaaS and Digital Edge Solutions called Luminate, which consisted of desktop and mobile applications. Parallel to this, there was also a clear need to refresh the old design system for many older legacy applications which were not going to be redesigned, but needed to feel constant with company new portfolio. 
My ambition was to create a design system which would be easily integrated by teams which were using Google for development, making Material Design as base template. I was aiming for a clean and mature look, while still giving it it's own visual identity, and also giving teams opportunity of soft-branding different applications within Luminate solutions which was something that marketing team at JDA loved upon my proposal. A lot of effort was put to ensure this flexibility while also not overlooking accessibility.
Below, is a short visual summary of the Luminate Design System I have lead and designed in collaboration with a team of JDA UX Designers in US, India and Canada. 

Except for Luminate logo, all visual elements were fully designed by me.

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